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Forgotten Boxes Book Review
Charity Gannon discovers some undelivered boxes from 31 years prior while cleaning out her Aunt's shed after settling her Aunt's estate. Thinking it would be fun to deliver them and surprise the recipients, Charity puts herself in danger and tries to unravel a 31 year old mystery.

3 Cozy Mysteries for Light Summer Reading
Cozy mysteries are light, fast reads. They are perfect for reading around the pool, on an airplane, or on a vacation. Here are three fun books for your summer fun.

For Whom the Bread Rolls Book Review
Marley McKinney is being harassed by a former employee, and when she decides to have a word with her, discovers that she has been murdered. Marley is a suspect, and must find the murderer before she is sent to prison for a murder she didn't commit.

Stalker Book Review
Joona Linna comes back after having been missing for several years and teams up with Erik Maria Bark to solve a series of bizarre murders where videos of the victims are sent to Swedish National Crime just before they occur.

Death of a Lobster Lover Book Review
Cozies are a great alternative to hard-boiled thrillers; it seems we all need a break, and this fun novel is a perfect fast read. It has great recipes, too.

The Broken Girls Book Review
Journalist Fiona Sheridan is writing a story on an old abandoned boarding school that is in the process of being restored. She gets involved in the events which puts her and others in danger while unraveling the long-buried mysteries

I know a Secret Book Review
Rizzoli and Isles investigate some brutal murders that mimic the martyrdom of Catholic saints. There is plenty of suspense, and the book is difficult to put down.

Sweet Cream Ladies, Ltd. Book Review
Babs and Bootsie, struggling actresses, form a company to knock off ex-husbands, professional rivals, and bad people. The problem is they announce it to the world while in a drunken stupor. Those on their list are subsequently murdered, and Babs and Bootsie are in trouble.

Crepe Expectations Book Review
Marley McKinney discovers a body near the water and it turns out to be that of a missing girl who was attending a party 10 years prior. Marley investigates and puts herself in danger.

Everyone Pays Book Review
Does anyone have a right to murder people who commit heinous crimes against women? This novel will get readers thinking. Although the end is a surprise, the murderer is known throughout, but Clara Donner, the detective investigating must follow the clues.

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