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The Shepherd Film Review
Jonathan Cenzual Burley's third feature film contrasts the beauty of the Spanish countryside with the pressures of the modern world. A contented shepherd is forced to take drastic action when a land developer threatens to bulldoze his farm.

Drama Movies Column - News and Reviews 2
I discuss upcoming films from directors Kasi Lemmons and Dee Rees. Also, a change to the Drama Movies site in 2019.

Dawson City - Frozen Time Film Review
An extraordinary documentary from Bill Morrison. Using silent film footage found underneath an abandoned Canadian hockey rink in 1978, Morrison tells the history of film and the 20th Century.

Drama Movies Column - News and Reviews
This week's column discusses Ashley Bell's directorial debut. "Love & Bananas" is an eye-opening documentary on the lives of Asian elephants and the work of celebrated activist Lek Chailert.

The Girl by the Lake Film Review
This film successfully transplants a Norwegian crime story to Italy. Based on Karin Fossum's "Don't Look Back", Toni Servillo plays a detective investigating the murder of a vibrant young athlete.

Euthanizer Film Review
Finns are engaged in far more peculiar forest activities than raking if "Euthanizer" is any indication. While the film is an offbeat and violent revenge fantasy, "Euthanizer" has a philosophical underpinning that makes it strangely effective. This is Finland's official entry for the 2019 Oscars.

Beauty and the Dogs Film Review
Writer-director Kaouther Ben Hania fashions a powerful indictment of police corruption that occurs in the midst of Tunisia's Arab Spring. Newcomer Mariam Al Ferjani plays a sexual assault victim who refuses to be silenced.

A Page of Madness Film Review
An appropriately eerie and disturbing film for Halloween viewing. A 1926 Japanese silent so ahead of its time that it still seems fresh today.

Laila (1929) Film Review
"Laila" is an epic Norwegian melodrama that has been remastered and preserved for the ages. As "Laila" features a Norwegian heroine who is adopted by Lapp (Sami) parents, I compare this film with Amanda Kernell's "Sami Blood".

Sami Blood Film Review
This debut feature from Amanda Kernell was a massive hit on the film festival circuit in 2016. A teenage Sami girl attends a Swedish boarding school and is forced to choose between her ambitions and her heritage.

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